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Welcome to Citizens 4 FJA Network (Fairness, Justice, Action)

Citizens for Fairness, Justice, and Action Network is a grassroots people power organization that has come together by and for the people The people who will no longer stand by and allow our rights and our voice to continue to be eroded by the so call powers to be, so called leaders who do not consider our best interest in their decision making process, giving no more than lip service to our needs and requests.

WE are united by our desire to take action to demand real policy changes. WE are gathering, we are rallying, and we are standing together to stop those who are continuously robbing us of our first amendment right to speak up and speak out against the suppression and degradation of our being.

WE will no longer remain silent when block grant funding that was granted by the Federal government for our high poverty areas, high unemployment census tracts and poorly managed public schools is given to big business and their big bosses. WE are going to take back our community by making our economy more fair and equitable; creating more prosperity for the PEOPLE. No more trickling down.

WE are going to mobilize our young people, and take a stand against the bullying, gun-violence, alcohol and drugs issues facing our young people. No more lip service and water down programs that are crippling our youth.


WE are going to develop, implement, and demand our youth’s participation in positive alternatives to gang violence and involvement. WE are going to educate them [our youth] in the political facts of life. WE are going to encourage them to be leaders, not followers.


WE will motivate them to be successful. WE will inspire our youth to be entrepreneurs; to dream and give them the tools to be anything that they want. To be proud of who they are, where they came from and be the best at whatever they choose to become in life.


WE are going to make our demands and voices heard by our VOTE. We are going to let potential candidates know what we want, and that we are going to hold them accountable if elected. We will no longer be taken for granted. No more business as usual.


WE have come together to fight for a standard of fairness, justice, decency, and equal opportunities for the citizens of Omaha, regardless of what part of town we live in, what are race is, what religion we practice, our national origin, or gender. We are going to rise up and put self-respect back in ourselves, our neighborhoods and be proud of our heritage,


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